Whos That? An Interview With Krabi Krabong and Muay Boran Instructor Kru Oh

Oh 1A 38-year-old from the north-east of Thailand, Kru Oh has been a fixture at Phuket Fit since it’s early day. Joining Phuket Fit only a year after it started, Kru Oh then took two years off to intensely study the practice of Muay Boran. Kru Oh teaches the Krabi Krabong class, the Muay Boran class and also helps out with the beginner Muay Thai class. He has now been at Phuket Fit for over six years.

What did you do prior to working at Phuket Fit?

I worked in fitness and scuba diving.

When did you first start studying Krabi Krabong?

I started Krabi Krabong before I came to Phuket. I used to do stunts, and some stunt workers in Phuket did Krabi Krabong. I asked them to take me to their master. Their master is a policeman, so he doesn’t have much time to train, so we could only train in the evening time. I trained with him for 2 years, then after that I went to Bangkok to learn more.

Oh 2

Did you learn Muay Boran at the same time?

I learned some Muay Boran when I was young, for exercise because I was weak, but I didn’t get serious with it until I learned it a few years ago. I did not like it when I was young, but my grandfather pushed me into it.

What advice would you give someone whos preparing to train at Phuket Fit?

Normally we teach from the basics, but if you want to understand Muay Thai maybe try Muay Boran first so you can practice the movements, which will make it easier.

Have any weight loss tips that youd like to share for people struggling with weight loss?

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Normally in Thailand the weather helps. Also, the food is fresh and it helps you lose weight. The program at Phuket Fit helps push you in cardio. If you want to lose weight you should focus on cardio. Body fit is big cardio. Also what you do in Muay Thai is a lot of cardio. Not much cardio for Muay Boran, but it is good for beginners or if you are injured.

Whats one mistake you see people make when trying to lose weight while at Phuket Fit?

They try to focus too much on lose weight, but don’t care about their body. They get hurt. The main thing is the technique you use. You need to understand Muay Thai first, and then losing weight is easier. First learn the technique, how to kick and how to punch correctly.

You have to spend energy and then you get fat burning. Focus on doing it right!

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