Whats That? Cross Training At Phuket Fit

Phuket Fit offers Cross Training every day Monday through Friday from 1:30PM to 2:30 PM and from 2:45 PM to 3:45 PM. The two classes are identical, but split to keep class sizes small. No previous experience or fitness background is needed and the classes are held on the cross training mats past the MMA cage. No special equipment is needed to participate, but it’s a good idea to bring water and a small towel. Phuket Fit instructor, Kitty Teppo, explains Cross Training below.

What is Cross Training?

It’s a constantly evolving strength and conditioning program where we implement everything from body weight exercises to Olympic weightlifting to barbell complexes and more. It consists of functional movements done at a high intensity designed to improve your life.

How do classes start?

Typically we start by introducing the workout. We’ll explain what the workout is for the day and then we warm up. Depending on the workout, we might work through a basic skill. For example, if the workout calls for handstand pushups, then we will work on developing that skill after the warm-up.

Cross Training 3

What are the warm-ups like?

If it’s a short workout we’ll do a long warm up. If it’s a long workout, then we’ll do a shorter warm up. Maybe even just a lap of the camp. The warm up can consist of anything from mobility work with the PVC pipe, dynamic stretching, running and more. We’ll usually try to integrate the movements from the workout into the warm-up.

What do the main workouts look like?

It can be anything. Absolutely anything. It changes every single class. You will only ever do a workout more than once if we are doing it for comparison purposes to see how much you’ve improved during your time at Phuket Fit. Other than that it’s constantly varied. Running, rowing, dead lifts, pull ups, box jumps, etc. Then it’s all put together in a way that makes sense.

Are the workouts timed?

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Most of them are timed, but in different ways. You might be going “for time”, like complete a certain number of rounds as fast as you can and then you’re finished. Other workouts are allotted a certain amount of time. You keep going and work out as hard as you can for an allotted period of time, regardless of your speed.

What’s the difference between body fit and cross training?

Body fit is more of a core and cardio workout. It really focuses on those two things. In some ways, it’s very much like a boot camp. The afternoon classes are more intense but can also be shorter. We only do functional movements, the things that you’ll need to master for regular life. The dead lift, for example… you use it every day when you pick things up off the ground. It’s all about functional high intensity movements. We also tend to integrate barbells and other tools we don’t use in the mornings.

Is Cross Training good for weight loss?

Cross Training is good for everyone. There are a lot of rumors around camp that the class is intense and that’s true. But we scale the workouts for beginners. The Olympic lifting might intimidate a lot people, but those workouts are only for the advanced section of the class. The beginner’s workout will be similar, but will use kettlebells or dumbbells in place of the barbell. And we scale the weight to whatever level you need.

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What if someone is just at the beginning of his or her weight loss journey?

It doesn’t matter. If you can’t do a pull-up we have options. We have resistance bands that can help you do a pull-up or you can do jumping pull-ups. If you can’t do a burpee, we have scaled versions of burpees. Everything can be customized to a person’s needs. It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, there’s something for everyone.

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