Checking In With Robin: Chapter One

Robin has been at Phuket Fit for the last five years in a variety of capacities. Robin describes his job duties as “having a hand in pretty much everything at camp” and says that he is Will Elliot’s (Phuket Fit’s GM) right-hand man. Robin is currently embarking on his own weight loss journey over the next year and we are checking in with him regularly to see how his journey is progressing. He started at 140 KGs and his goal is to get down to 80KGs over the course of a year. He has started his program with a detox at Atmanjai Wellness Center to help boost his metabolism and give his body a much-needed tune-up.

What Is Atmanjai?

Phuket Fit & MMA and Atmanjai Wellness Center are now working together to offer combined programs for those interested in detoxing at Atmanjai prior to the beginning of their training (or after their training has finished!) For Robin’s first four days, he ate a raw food diet to help pre-cleanse his body to prepare for the Ultra Cleanse package he would be receiving. Then he participated in a six-day session of Atmanjai’s Ultra Cleanse. While you don’t eat any food for the six days of cleansing, it’s remarkable how much energy you will find that you still have. After the six days on Ultra Cleanse, Robin then participated for four days on Atmanjai’s Eat Well cleanse, which integrates fresh fruit and vegetables into the cleanse to help your body begin to readapt to eating. Robin and I can both confirm these programs are an excellent way to begin a weight loss regimen at Phuket Fit.


What Was His Daily Routine?

The day starts with a mixture of supplement beverages, and a peaceful walk at Nai Harn beach or a session of relaxing yoga. On the Eat Well program you eat three small meals of raw fruits and vegetables, while on the Ultra Cleanse program you receive an additional session of colon hydrotherapy to help fully cleanse your system.  The rest of the day is a whirlwind of treatments (including daily massage), supplements, coaching sessions, swimming and rebounding. Robin said the acupuncture treatments were especially helpful to him and that is help to ease the pain he feels from damaged tissue in his shoulder.

How He Feels Now

He’s never felt better. He’s able to train his shoulder more effectively after acupuncture, he’s not feeling the intense food cravings he used to, and his metabolism is moving at a lightning speed. He says the biggest change he notices is his energy levels. He’s training harder than even before and has energy to spare. He also was successful in losing weight while on the cleanse. He lost 7 KGs in ten days and has managed to keep it off successfully for the last couple weeks (and lose even more!)


Next Steps Forward

Robin has started training with Phuket Fit’s personal trainer to adapt a workout perfect for him and the limitations he faces with his shoulder. He’s sticking with the healthy eating and the pounds are falling off him. He knows that even though he’s limited in the types of workouts he can do, there’s no good excuse not to workout in the ways that he’s able. He plans on visiting Atmanjai again in the next 2-3 months to help keep his body and mind running in tip-top shape.

If you are interested in attending a detox at Atmanjai, give us a call at Phuket Fit and save 5% when booking through Phuket Fit. It’s a great way to jump start a weight loss journey!