Victories: Abdullah Alkarafi Down 11 KGs In Six Weeks

A 29-year-old from Kuwait, Abdul has been spending his time working as a technician for airport navigation systems. Working long hours didn’t leave him with much time to exercise or eat well and he wasn’t even sure where to start. A month and a half ago he took a big leap into the unknown and ventured out to Phuket Fit to lose weight and recapture his fitness. This is his story…

How did you find out about Phuket Fit?

I was meeting with my family and a cousin of mine suggested I check out sports and fitness camps abroad. I checked on the web when I got home and found Phuket Fit. It had great reviews and I decided to come.


What first made you want to come to Phuket Fit?

I came to lose weight. That was my big goal.

Did you have a certain amount of weight in mind that you wanted to lose?

I was hoping to lose at least 15 KGs, and I’ve lost 11 KGs so far. I’m very happy to lose that much.

What classes were you taking at Phuket Fit?

The first two weeks, I was doing four classes a day. Yoga and Body Fit in the morning, then Cross Training and Muay Thai in the afternoon. I could handle it the first week, but then after that my knee was killing me. I had to cancel the Muay Thai and just stick with the other classes. I also tried some of the Western Boxing classes and did private weight sessions with Peter the Hulk.


How did you fight through the knee pain?

I stopped doing running and jumping. I just had to adjust the classes to do the exercises I was able to do. It’s very flexible.

What accomplishments at Phuket Fit are you proud of?

Losing 11 KGs and also running Big Buddha. The first time I did it in over seventy minutes but the most recent time I’ve done it in under an hour.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about coming to Phuket Fit?

It’s easy to tell yourself not to go to Phuket Fit, but you have to convince yourself to do it, and then just come. When you are in your country, it’s like, “This is a big challenge. Why am I doing this?” but you have to do it.

Have you learned anything that you’ll use back home?

I learned that I have to move. Move my body. I will do more cardio and lifting when I get home. I can’t do all the same things because I have to work, but I can at least do one or two hours a day. I don’t want to lose my progress.

Do you plan on coming back to Phuket Fit?

Yes. I hope so. I am wishing to come back for another two months. I want to continue to do sports at home and come back here again.

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