Masayuki Inoue Becoming the inspiration!

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Ive been looking forward to writing this article for some time now as Masayuki, or Masa as he is affectionately known to all is not just another story to me but became a very good friend and source of inspiration to me on my own journey.

I remember the first time I saw Masa. He was a neighbor of mine in the early part of me arriving here in Phuket although we never really knew each other then other than a passing hello. I remember thinking that although he was a big guy I was impressed by the fact that he brought his own wake board to Thailand with him and respect for not letting his size hold him back from doing something he was obviously passionate about.

I continued to see Masa around Tiger Muay Thai camp grounds and he kind of became this evolving charachter to me. I would sit and watch in amazement as on top of taking part in classes I would see him take part in his own training making sure to be constantly pushing forwards. The craziest to me watching him put on jogging bottoms and a hoody on top of the 2 or 3 T-shirts and singlets he would usually wear in 40 degree heat and drag a weighted car tyre around the camp for 10 laps or so turning him into a human sponge of sweat!

As happens quite frequently over here, injuries creep in and Masa started to get bad knees but rather than let that be an obstacle, he walked around itor rather rowed in this case. I began to see Masa in the same place whilst stretching or doing my own training. Id watch him drag out a rower, prepare for about half an hour taping himself up, stretching himself out and carefully selecting music and preparing electrolytes and proceed to row for what seemed like an hour and it was really around this time we properly met. Wed talk and joke whilst he prepared and I asked him what he was doing on the rower. 10k hed casually reply and off hed go. The next week Id ask the same thing. 11K was the casual reply this time. The following week Im not sure where my head was head but I asked if I could join him and there began our friendship and tortuous few months of ever increasing rows. 12k, 13k, 14k, 15kPushing each other every day right up to the point of us doing a 22k half marathon row taking over 90 minutes!

Masa was quite the popular guy of camp. Extremely approachable and polite with an almighty sense of humor and always had time to stop for a talk and inspire many others on their similar journeys so it was my privilege to be able to sit down and talk with him about his life changing journey.

Just seeing this amazing before and after photos should be enough to inspire even the most jaded person. Many of these shots taken wearing the same clothing before he lost the weight. What a transformation! Especially in the size of the smile!

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Masa, tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a chef from Denmark. My mother is from Finland and my father from Japan. I turned 31 whilst in Phuket.

How did you find out about Tiger Muay Thai and choose to train there?

A good friend of mine was talking and planning training Muay Thai up in Chang Mai and I thought it sounded like an awesome idea so I thought well if he can do it then so can I!. I felt leaving home and doing this whilst immersed in the culture would help me and give constant reminders of why I was there so that I would never slip backwards.

How long have you been at Tiger?

I arrived on October 22nd 2013 and was originally due to go home May 18th 2014 but after seeing how far I had already come and with help from Tiger and Will Elliott (general manager of Tiger) I was able to extend my stay until July 9th.

What were your goals?

My main goal was obviously to lose weight but most importantly to get my health back. Most people these days only start looking after themselves when its too late or they have already had health scares from their Doctors. Well I didnt want this to happen to me. I was just so tired of simply not fitting in to society anymore or at least not feeling as though I was. I was tired of being the big guy when it came to family or friends or whatever social events I was attending. There was always a smile on the mask but sadness behind it. But mainly what hit home most was my sister saying to me that my niece needs her uncle in her life for at least another sixty years! Family is the most important thing in life and I want to be around for them for a long time to come!


Your visual results are just incredible! What was the final result after all your hard work?

I actually lost 30% overall mass. On day one I stepped on the scales at 154.6kg  and today I am leaving at 108.2kg so a 46.4kg drop (thats just over 7 stone for you Brits reading!) My goal after a while of being here was to see if I could hit the 100 pounds mark and I did it with a few weeks to spare!

What are you most proud of?

I was extremely happy to hit that 100 pounds loss target but really I am not proud of myself at all for getting into this condition in the first place. I feel awful about doing this to myself but I guess I can be proud of the fact that I didnt back down from when I first decided to come to Thailand to train this way. The best feeling that I have from all of this is that I made my parents proud of me for achieving this and following it through. I wont say followed through to the end because I am still continuing this journey but I will never allow myself to fall back to old habits. This is now my new way of life.

Did you face any setbacks on the way?

Sure there were many hurdles along the way but hurdles are there to be jumped. Carrying a heavy load will take its toll on your joints and I suffered quite a few times with problems in my legs, ankles, knees, shins etc but I always had great trainers at Tiger to adjust certain exercises so I could still take part in the class. One of my favorite trainers Jenna Barney Barnard always kept me motivated and even the times when I didnt feel like it she would order me to do it anyway so I was always pushed but never dangerously. Right at the start of my journey I injured my tricep and chest  trying to do a pull up  which meant I could only use the cycles there so that there was no impact at all. I would spend up to 4 and a half hours a day just using the bikes so I never stopped working. Also coming down to my last few weeks here on the night of my Birthday. Ironically giving myself a very rare treat of ice-cream, on the very first spoonful I bit into a chunk of chocolate which completely shattered one of my teeth so I had to cut back on training for my final few weeks due to getting dental surgery! Perhaps it was meant to be though as dentists in Thailand are about 1/8th the price of Denmark!


Do you have any advice for those that might be thinking of following this same kind of journey?

Well, hopefully I wont get sued by Nike here but Just do it! Dont think of any of the what ifs or let fear creep in and stop you. Its an adventure! If you put in the effort then people are going to be cheering for you the whole way. Put on your blinkers and DO NOT take your eye off that goal. My main rule was Dont cheat on the street! and never ever look at the back page of the menu!

What was your training regime?

Well I originally came with the intention of losing weight through Muay Thai but I was realistic with myself at the start. I knew I was too big to be doing proper Muay Thai to begin with so I promised myself to lose some weight first to take off the load and then revisit it later on. Tiger had so much to offer on the program schedule though that I had no fear of not finding anything to do. I didnt want to get bored of doing anything so I really mixed up my training and tried to keep momentum going forwards. I did a big mix of classes which was the Bodyfit, Cross training and Yoga and then did my own thing during the middle or end of the day that was in the form of either rowing, weighted tyre drags, exercise bike or the indoor weights gym. I tried to do something 3 times a day but just listened to how my body felt. Even then though Id most likely tell it to shut up and train anyway!

What was your most memorable moment?

Its all been one big memorable moment really but I guess things that stick out are, walking up Big Buddha hill for the first timeand also for the last time! Those of you that have climbed it will know what Im talking about. the hill that never quits!

Did you prepare yourself before coming out to take on such a big feat?

Sure! AbsolutelyI think I hit the gym about 8 times in the months leading up to me coming over but celebrated the hour of intense training by rewarding myself with pizza and Coca Cola! I should have prepared more I know but I actually felt selfish for leaving everyone for such a long time so with all the people I left behind there were goodbye dinners etc and right before I left I had a huge going away party with a live band. I guess my mindset was still stuck in old ways and having big blow outs was a way of saying goodbye to my old ways.


What was your favorite exercise?

Rowing I would say was my favorite exercise as I used to be a rowing coach but over here at Tiger what started out as my worst and least favorite exercise turned into my most likeable! Running was not something I was built for. Certainly not back then and not even now. Im never going to be a runner but the more weight I lost, the easier it became and because I couldnt really do it before it made it that much better and meaningful to me that i could do it now without any problems.

What have you learned from all of this to take home with you?

Hopefully that this has changed my mindset and lifestyle forever. I didnt come here to do all of this and go back to bad habits so I hope my stubbornness for being good stays with me now. Also as I hope to go back to being a chef when I get home that all of the knowledge of nutrition and what works with food and doesnt work translates into my career and that I can create tasty and nourishing good healthy food. Just because its healthy does not mean it has to taste bad!

Are you hoping to come back again?

Right now Im really looking forward to going home and seeing my family and friends and surprising them with how I now look but yes one day I would really love to come back even if its just for small holidays. I am responsible for my transformation but immersing yourself with surroundings that remind you every minute of the day why you are here is what made all the difference.

Masa, thank you for your time, your friendship and for becoming inspiration to all around you including myself. Be very very proud of yourself. I know I am of you

Team Canada! Husband and wife Sarah and Duane Bradbury team up for weight loss!

Duane          Sarah 1

First, tell us a little about yourself. Who you are, where youre from, how old you are, what you do back home?

Sarah Jean Bradbury is a 36 year old Administrative worker from Toronto Ontario.  Duane is 37 years old and is an Agile Coach (software development) working for the Canadian Government.

How did you find out about Tiger?

D: Reading about the success stories of extreme weight loss is what really made up our minds on coming to Tiger.  Seeing the before and after pictures of others that had achieved amazing transformations had a real impact on me.

What first made you want to come?

D: A few months before we set off I had a dream that I was in Thailand training and losing weight.  As soon as I woke up I told Sarah that we were coming to Thailand to train!  We didnt know how we were going to be able to do it, but we pulled it off and were on that plane here before we knew it!

Sarah & Duane

How long have you been at Tiger Muay Thai and how much longer are you planning on staying?

S: We got to camp on our 5th Anniversary, February 14th, and are staying for 3 months.

Did you set any goals for yourself while training here?

D: We both wanted to kick start a new, healthier lifestyle to continue at home.  We also wanted to up our fitness level and lose as much weight as possible. Also, as odd as it may sound, I wanted to be able to fit in public seating.  I would love to go to a hockey game and not ‘overflow’ the seat.  Larger people would understand this.

How did you do at meeting those goals?

S: I think we have done really well!  Our bodies have completely changed!  Together we have lost 60 pounds and gained a lot of muscle!

D: Most importantly we have learned about a different, healthier life style that we can try to replicate back home.

What accomplishment have you achieved while you were here that you’re most proud of?

S: When we first arrived I could not do 4 burpees in a row.  I did 75 the other day (50 straight!)

D: I am proud to see how we have progressed along the way.  The other day we redid a previous workout from when we first started working with our personal trainer and smashed our first times.

What kinds of challenges of setbacks did you face along the way?

S: When trying to lose weight the numbers can be daunting.  You think youve had a fantastic week of exercise and were eating really well you think youve lost 3kgand you are up 500g. Progress pictures and really looking at how your clothes are fitting can be a better indicator of how your body is changing!

Do you have any advice for someone who might be looking at TMT for fitness or weight loss?

S: Tiger is a great place to get a good mix of Fitness and Muay Thai. Coming into this adventure I had not done a minute of Muay Thai but figured if I couldn’t pick that up easily I could always fill my time with Yoga and Fitness classes. Reaching our goals had a lot to do with having the grill on site and knowing that the choices we had would be healthier options than what we could find on the street.

D: It is nice to be in an environment where everyone is there to reach a goal (even though it may be different from your own). It can be very encouraging and inspiring.  I enjoy TMT because you just don’t have the fitness classes but also Muay Thai.  I really enjoy Muay Thai training but when it is so much fun is it still a workout?

Sarah 2

Which classes did you attend and what did you find the most exciting or challenging about them?

S: We started out just doing Muay Thai for the first month. We were then matched up with an amazing fitness trainer and started doing personal sessions with her and that is when we really started to see our fitness grow.

D: We are now doing fitness privates, bodyfit classes, Muay Thai privates and are walking up the Big Buddha hill as many times as we can. Each session pushes us in different ways.  In Muay Thai you have to have your brain turned on to know which move to do next, in Bodyfit it is a different mental challenge to keep myself moving and not to rest!

What surprised you the most about Tiger?

D: How friendly all the people are! Everyone has their own goals and they seem to want to help the next person achieve theirs.  There are no outcasts here!

Tell me about one fun memorable thing that happened to you during your time at Tiger.

S: There are so many to choose from!  The beach Muay Thai class on BBQ Beatdown day was pretty fun and memorable – during the swim break before leaving I got caught in a few big waves and got pretty pummelled.  The next day my trainer was asking me about it, she was asked if she ‘knew Sarah, from Duane and Sarah’ like we were a t.v. show!

How would you recommend someone prepare before coming to Tiger?

D: Break your goal down into smaller to do items and slowly complete each one and chip away at the mountain.  Also ensure you are serious about your goals because it is a true journey, and will last a life time.  We took 1 month to adjust, the next month is to kill the old habits and the 3rd month to form new healthy habits to bring home with us.

S: After you arrive go at your own pace!  Listen to your body.  We came from a cold climate and tried to jump right into it.  We needed to take time to adjust to the heat and time difference and get over our jet lag! Know that everyone has their own pace and as long as you are constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone your fitness will improve!

What are your favorite and least favorite exercises you encountered at Tiger?

S: I have liked doing bag work with the Muay Thai trainers.  A good mix of cardio, Muay Thai and lots of laughs.  There is not a lot of enjoyment to be had when dragging a weighted tire around camp at 2pm on a hotter than hot day!

What tip did you learn at Tiger that youll integrate into your life back home?

D: We hope to integrate so many things into our lives back home including regular exercise and healthy eating habits

Do you think you’ll come back to Tiger?

S: We have been thinking of plans on how to get ourselves back here since week 4! We will be back as soon as we can!

Since the writing of this article, recently back in Canada Sarah suffered a very serious leg injury. All of us at Tiger wish her the speediest of recoveries and wish her well. Also thinking of Duane who no doubt will be running around like a headless chicken after her! Luckily he is now more than fit enough to be able to do this! Best wishes to the both of you!

Challenges: Masayuki Inoue Cooking Up Good Health

Masa 1

A thirty-year old chef from Denmark, Masa is spending seven months at Tiger to lose weight, discover his fitness and drastically improve his health. Having worked as a chef for the past ten years, his past culinary jobs have included the prestige of the hotel industry and excitement of a wakeboarding cable-park. Early last year, he joined his friends in Bangkok for a wakeboarding holiday and fell in love with Thailand. His least favorite exercises are burpees and lunges, but he says that he’s starting to really enjoy jogging. This is his story.

How did you first hear about Tiger?

I Googled “Muay Thai” on the internet and Tiger was one of the places that came up. I decided to either train somewhere else in Chang Mai or at Tiger in Phuket. I chose Phuket because my family wanted to go on vacation as well. It ended up being a great decision.

What motivated you to come?

Well, I wasn’t exactly a small boy when I arrived at camp, so weight loss was definitely one of the main goals. Also, I came to really just to change my life. I was tired of being so unhealthy and feeling bad all the time.

How long have you been here?

I arrived the 22nd of October and I’m here for seven months.

Masa 3

Have you set any goals for yourself to work toward while you’re training?

I set a goal of losing one KG every week. In my first two months here, I’ve lost 16 KGS. I started at 154.6 and now I’m down to 138.3. I don’t have a final weight goal in mind; I really want to just see how things go.

I hear you have something coming up that you’re excited about?

I’ve challenged a fellow guest at Tiger to fight in the March BBQ Beatdown, so I’m really looking forward to that. I’m starting to train Western Boxing and Muay Thai now to start getting ready. I have only been doing fitness classes and yoga up to this point, but now I need to start learning Muay Thai technique.

Have any advice for someone who might be thinking about coming to Tiger?

Jump into it. Just do it. Buy the ticket and get out here. The only other advice I would give is to do some prep work. I should have taken a month to build up my fitness, which would have been a good idea.

Has anything surprised you about Tiger?

The people here are really awesome. I’m usually quite a social person, but when I came here, I closed up a bit. After a while I was able to open up. People are really friendly; high-fiving you during workouts, telling you what an awesome job your doing. It’s really cool. It doesn’t matter who you are, what size you are, anything like that… everyone is motivating you. It’s really awesome.

Masa 2

Challenges: Kevin Wyss – Six Months Of Training

A twenty-five-year old systems administrator from Switzerland, Kevin Wyss is spending a total of six months at Tiger. Working in an office, he realized that his weight had slowly started to rise and he has come to Tiger to take care of business. He’s been at Tiger one month so far and he can be found every afternoon in the Beginner’s Muay Thai area working up a sweat. He says that he hasn’t encountered an exercise at Tiger that he didn’t enjoy and that his favorite workout is Muay Thai.

How did you first hear about Tiger?

I read in the newspaper about someone who had been at Tiger and had lost 100KGs in one and a half years. I wanted to try it too. Not to lose 100 KG, but lose some weight.

How did you first hear about Tiger?

I read in the newspaper about someone who had been at Tiger and had lost 100KGs in one and a half years. I wanted to try it too. Not to lose 100 KG, but lose some weight.

Tiger 4

Had you done much exercise before coming to Tiger?

Twice a week I would play some squash with a friend, but nothing else. No other exercise of sports.

Have you ever done martial arts or fighting sports before Tiger?

I did karate a long time ago. I did it for one year, but nothing since I was younger.

Have you set any goals for yourself to work toward while you’re training?

I want to lose 30KGs in the six months that I’m here. I’ve been here one month so far.

Kevin 2

How do you feel about that goal now that you’ve started training?

I feel good. I think I can reach it.

What classes have you been taking?

Right now, I’m doing just the afternoon Muay Thai class. I want to start the body fit in the morning soon.

Are you following any specific diet or food plan?

Yes. I’ve been avoiding carbohydrates and focusing on protein. Things like meat and omelets.

Has anything surprised you about Tiger?

Tiger 2

You meet good people from all over the world. They are very friendly.

Do you have any advice for prospective guests?

In the beginning, it’s very hard. After only five minutes of exercise and you are exhausted. But once you reach week two or three, you feel much better. Like you have more power.

Have any parting thoughts?

I think Muay Thai is the best balance between endurance and power, that’s why I do the Muay Thai classes.

Challenges: Ebrahim Five Weeks In Paradise

 Ebrahim 1A thirty-three-year old from Kuwait, Abdulrahman Alebrahim (Or Ebrahim as he goes by at Tiger) is spending his next five weeks training at Tiger. Having picked up some bad food and exercise habits while working as a banker, Ebrahim is determined to change that. So here he is at Tiger working with celebrity fitness trainer Ocean Bloom to create a new healthier man. Having been at Tiger for the last ten days, Ebrahim has been taking a variety of classes and has been pushing his limits daily. His favorites exercise has been the Beach session during the Thursday morning body fit class and he says he struggles the most with tough upper body exercises.

How did you first hear about Tiger?

I was looking for a boot camp, and one of the countries I was looking at was Thailand. I found Ocean’s boot camp and I decided to come.

How do you feel about it so far?

Ebrahim 2

It’s great. I’m so happy because now I’m at an area where all the people come to train. There’s always someone training and that pushes you to train here.

Have you set any goals for yourself to work toward while you’re training?

Sure. I want to lose weight, but the main thing I want to do, is to be able to do this in my country when I’m home. I have to work from the morning to the evening, so I want to be able to work out when I get home. In five weeks I want to shift my ability to do that.

How do you feel about that goal now that you’ve started training?

I’ve already seen a big difference. On my first two days, I felt like I was done after only five minutes of the warm up. Now I can finish the class and do another class after. I don’t know what will happen the rest of my time here, but I think it will be good.

What classes have you been taking?

I’ve been doing lots of different classes. Yoga, body fit, cross training, boxing and working with weights.

Ebrahim 3

Has anything surprised you about Tiger?

I’m coming for a boot camp, so I was expecting it would be a closed-in area with a very small group, but when I came here I found out there were many people and things around to do. Lots of people living here doing very different things. I’m enjoying that very much.

Would you recommend Tiger to someone thinking about coming?

Yes. I’m so happy here. I want to thank everyone here for pushing me all the time.

Challenges: Brad Mann Six Months Of Work

575700_10200833766141889_465033867_nA nineteen-year old from South Africa, Brad Mann is spending his next six months at Tiger. Wanting to lose weight and start anew, Brad is determined to become a new person. Having only been at Tiger for two days so far, Brad is planning on taking body fit, cross training and Muay Thai classes. He says he’d also like to try more of the various classes once his fitness has improved.

How did you first hear about Tiger?

A friend of mine was going to come with me, but he ended up having to go to university. Tiger’s website also really pulled me toward coming.

What motivated you to come?


It was basically just deciding that I wanted to lose weight and I thought Tiger would be able to help me.

Had you done much exercise before coming to Tiger?

Before I would mainly just go to gym, weight lifting and a little running. Nothing big or hectic like Tiger.

Have you set any goals for yourself to work toward while you’re training?

Mainly just to lose weight. No set number. Just trying to get healthy, feel good and look good.


How do you feel about those goals now that you’ve started training?

I think it’s going to be a great experience.

Has anything surprised you about Tiger?

Everyone is really friendly here. It really surprised me.

Do you have any advice for prospective guests?

It’s too soon to have any advice, but check back in a couple months.