Johan Prieduls A Life Changing Journey

Before coming to Phuket Fit Training Camp, I was into power lifting. I started power lifting at a young age of 15 and did it for 10 years. It made me gain a lot of weight due to the diet I had to follow. It is completely different from Bodyfit and Crossfitness, I was used to training in low repetitions.

I started gaining more weight and it lead to depression. I had a period of low self-esteem and was afraid to speak with new people, especially women. I was shy and didn’t like the way I looked or was. So I needed something to change my life for the better, a journey.

I started that journey one month before by training MMA in Sweden. I wanted to do something new and was bored with the life I was living. I started to like MMA, but I needed to see something new, do something new, change the way I was. If you don’t like your life you have to change it so I looked up Phuket Fit.

My goal was first to get healthy, lose weight, look good, and learn to fight. Started with Muay Thai training and the fat just poured off of me. I wanted to learn the standup fight so I can pursue MMA as a goal. As time went on, I started to look good so I began lifting weights and do a lot of CrossFit-style training. I accomplished one of my goals when I fought Muay Thai at one of the BBQ Beatdowns.

Now I just want to be healthy in the mind, healthy in the body.

I extended my trip two times since I was suppose to be here for just three months. I came here on the 16th of May, 2012 and planned to leave in August of 2012. I ended up leaving this December of 2012.

The people I’ve met here, they motivate me and gave me new perspective in life. They gave me inspiration, to see the beauty in people. I’ve met people from all over the world. Especially Orlando, Osyka, James, Wiktor and Keenan. They all helped me out and motivated me. Everybody here wanted to improve in something, improve in life, fighting, want to be a better person, so that inspired me. Everybody is hungry, everybody is nice.

Phuket Fit Training Camp Phuket, Thailand is a great place to get motivated and meet great people. Here I gained some friends for life.

I came here to fight but I ended up learning about life, happiness, and a new way of seeing things. Time flies-by here. In Thailand, there are lots of temptations and you need to be strong. I am very motivated in what I’m doing. When you have those lazy days you can go to the beach or to party or train more – what do you want to do?