TESTTTGuest Testimonials: Hamad


It is a pleasure for me to share my wonderful experience I recently experienced at Phuket Fit & MMA Training Camp.

I came to TMT weighing 138 Kg and within 10 weeks of professional training and supervision, I lost 19 Kg dropping my total weight to 119 Kg. What’s great about Phuket Fit firstly is the people of different cultural backgrounds from all over the world. Everybody at the camp is there for a reason either for losing weight, becoming professional fighters, preparing for a fight, body building, fitness and health.

Phuket Fit has a great team with energetic support and training programs. The main reason of me loving this camp is the spirit and the incredible energy which you can feel throughout and developing of a strong determination of reaching your goals.

I had my private Cross-training sessions with Kitty Teppo. From barely walking two laps around the camp my fitness increased to me running 5-6 laps around the camp in a few sessions. Kitty is incredible and does not carry the “I Can’t do this” attitude and she pushes you to your limits army style. I also did Muay Thai private sessions with Master Rattanchai Jadngooluem AKA “Nai” who also has been very inspirational throughout my tenure. The amount of passion and energy he carries are directly felt while training with him and he a dedicated teacher so that you can reach your goals.

During my stay, I also had the opportunity to work with Peter, AKA “The Thai Hulk”. He has been very supportive in strength, conditioning and body building activities of the training program. He has been responsible for increasing my strength and overall fitness.

As someone who thoroughly enjoyed my stay at TMT, I strongly recommend fellow trainees who would like to join for a variety of reasons such as weight loss, general fitness, and endurance build up, general training and so forth. TMT is a place for everyone who has an aspiration to push oneself beyond the limits in a healthy way.

It was really a great experience as a whole where I met people from different cultures, varying backgrounds and different age groups. After my experience, I no longer believe that one who seeks high quality training or elite standards needs to go all the way to the West. Phuket Fit Thailand was a fabulous experience. I assure each of you that you will enjoy as much as I did as this place treats everyone equally.


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