TESTTTChallenges: Ebrahim Five Weeks In Paradise

 Ebrahim 1A thirty-three-year old from Kuwait, Abdulrahman Alebrahim (Or Ebrahim as he goes by at Phuket Fit) is spending his next five weeks training at Phuket Fit. Having picked up some bad food and exercise habits while working as a banker, Ebrahim is determined to change that. So here he is at Phuket Fit working with celebrity fitness trainer Ocean Bloom to create a new healthier man. Having been at Phuket Fit for the last ten days, Ebrahim has been taking a variety of classes and has been pushing his limits daily. His favorites exercise has been the Beach session during the Thursday morning body fit class and he says he struggles the most with tough upper body exercises.

How did you first hear about Phuket Fit?

I was looking for a boot camp, and one of the countries I was looking at was Thailand. I found Ocean’s boot camp and I decided to come.

How do you feel about it so far?

Ebrahim 2

It’s great. I’m so happy because now I’m at an area where all the people come to train. There’s always someone training and that pushes you to train here.

Have you set any goals for yourself to work toward while you’re training?

Sure. I want to lose weight, but the main thing I want to do, is to be able to do this in my country when I’m home. I have to work from the morning to the evening, so I want to be able to work out when I get home. In five weeks I want to shift my ability to do that.

How do you feel about that goal now that you’ve started training?

I’ve already seen a big difference. On my first two days, I felt like I was done after only five minutes of the warm up. Now I can finish the class and do another class after. I don’t know what will happen the rest of my time here, but I think it will be good.

What classes have you been taking?

I’ve been doing lots of different classes. Yoga, body fit, cross training, boxing and working with weights.

Ebrahim 3

Has anything surprised you about Phuket Fit?

I’m coming for a boot camp, so I was expecting it would be a closed-in area with a very small group, but when I came here I found out there were many people and things around to do. Lots of people living here doing very different things. I’m enjoying that very much.

Would you recommend Phuket Fit to someone thinking about coming?

Yes. I’m so happy here. I want to thank everyone here for pushing me all the time.

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