TESTTTChallenges: Brad Mann Six Months Of Work

575700_10200833766141889_465033867_nA nineteen-year old from South Africa, Brad Mann is spending his next six months at Tiger. Wanting to lose weight and start anew, Brad is determined to become a new person. Having only been at Tiger for two days so far, Brad is planning on taking body fit, cross training and Muay Thai classes. He says he’d also like to try more of the various classes once his fitness has improved.

How did you first hear about Tiger?

A friend of mine was going to come with me, but he ended up having to go to university. Tiger’s website also really pulled me toward coming.

What motivated you to come?


It was basically just deciding that I wanted to lose weight and I thought Tiger would be able to help me.

Had you done much exercise before coming to Tiger?

Before I would mainly just go to gym, weight lifting and a little running. Nothing big or hectic like Tiger.

Have you set any goals for yourself to work toward while you’re training?

Mainly just to lose weight. No set number. Just trying to get healthy, feel good and look good.


How do you feel about those goals now that you’ve started training?

I think it’s going to be a great experience.

Has anything surprised you about Tiger?

Everyone is really friendly here. It really surprised me.

Do you have any advice for prospective guests?

It’s too soon to have any advice, but check back in a couple months.

Aaron Rowland

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