TESTTTBenchmarks: Week Twenty-Three

Aaron 1Welcome to Phuket Fit’s weight loss and fitness blog. I’m your host, Aaron Rowland. I’m a 27-year-old writer from Los Angeles, California. At my heaviest weight eighteen-months ago, I weighed in at 160 KGs.  I’m here at Phuket Fit to lose weight, improve my fitness and have the adventure of a lifetime. I’ve been here thirteen months so far and I’m staying indefinitely. My favorite exercises are the bicycle crunch and the medicine ball slam. Barbell thrusters, suicide planks and burpees give me nightmares.

Back In The Saddle

The week after a gain can be tough. While it motivates you to work harder and eat cleaner, it can also be discouraging and feel like you’re not making progress. When those feelings occur, it’s important to brush them aside and focus on the week ahead. You can’t take back the food you ate or the workouts you skipped in the previous week, but you can focus on doing better this week. Leave the past right where it belongs, in the past.

Aaron 3Working Hard or Hardly Working?

After having spent over a year at Phuket Fit, it can sometimes be easy to forget that I’m living in a tropical paradise. Instead of spending eight hours a day stuck in an office doing paperwork, I’m exercising outdoors surrounded by a supportive group of friend and trainers. If I want a break, I’m a mere ten minutes away from a relaxing few hours at the beach. Weight loss is tough, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. If you can find a fun and enjoyable way to lose weight, the odds of keeping it off are astronomically higher than if you’re miserable. That’s one of the things that make Phuket Fit work so well for weight loss. It’s genuinely a good time. It may be hard work, but it’s hard work in an magical place.

The End Of Week Twenty-Three

I knew I would lose weight this week. I’d done everything right. Eating very healthy and exercising like a beast. Even in my off times, I would fine cool fitness activities like badminton and Frisbee golf to fill up my schedule. I step on the scale, and see that I weigh 236.4 LBS. That’s down 7.8 LBS from my nightmare weigh-in last week and is another great step on my journey to fitness and health.

Aaron 4What’s Up Next?

This next week will be a tough one. I’ve made it my goal to walk from Phuket Fit to the Big Buddha and back. At almost 20KMs, it will take me 3-4 hours and features a steep incline as you approach the Buddha. It won’t be easy, but it wouldn’t be a challenge if it were. I’ll let you know next week how I fare.

Have a great week of weight loss! If you set your mind on it, I know you can do it!


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