TESTTTBenchmarks: Detox Part Two

Welcome to Phuket Fit’s weight loss and fitness blog. I’m your host, Aaron Rowland. I’m a 27-year-old writer from Los Angeles, California. I’m at Phuket Fit to lose weight, improve my fitness and have the adventure of a lifetime. I’ve been here nine months so far and I’m staying indefinitely. My favorite exercises are the bicycle crunch and the medicine ball slam. Tire flips, suicide planks and burpees give me nightmares.

What’s This?

Phuket Fit & MMA and Atmanjai Wellness Center are now working together to offer combined programs for those interested in detoxing at Atmanjai prior to the beginning of their training (or after their training has finished!) For the next seven days, I’ve started participating in a week-long cleanse at Atmanjai to help get a better understanding of the services they offer and discover how a cleanse might just be the perfect way to accelerate the weight loss process!

What Are My Goals For Detoxing?

Detox 2

I have three main goals participating in this detox. The first goal is to clear my system of unhealthy toxins. As a result, I will hope to train and diet more effectively. My second goal is to reduce unwanted cravings. I don’t have much of a sugar tooth, but I have to resist strong temptations when I’m around salty or oily foods like pizza and nachos. I’m hoping by detoxing and avoiding unhealthy foods, that I’ll be able to reset or refine my palate away from salt, sugar and fat. My final goal is to continue to lose weight, as I have been the last nine weeks. Individuals on the “Eat Well” detox have been known to lose up to 1KG (2LBs) a day, but as I’ve been eating healthy and avoiding toxic foods, I’ll be very happy if I lose half a KG per day (1LB) while detoxing.

Who Would Benefit From A Detox?

After having only spent a few days at Atmanjai, it’s already my belief that everyone who comes to train at Phuket Fit would benefit from a detox. There are countless health benefits; you feel lighter and a strong sense of clarity whilst on the detox, and luckily the negative side effects from toxin release have been minimal. Some fighters or fitness enthusiasts might be reluctant to detox, but I would encourage them to do some research online about how a simple seven day detox can assist in rebuilding your body and mind into a better and more effective machine.

Detox 3Three Days Into My Cleanse

Day three is finished, and I’m feeling great. I was greatly concerned about feeling headaches, dizziness, cramps and other symptoms often associated with detoxing for general wellness. I’m on the Eat Well programs, which includes small salads and other raw vegetable meals as part of the program. Some of the other clients at Atmanjai are part of the Ultra Cleanse program, which allows you to only consume supplement shakes and teas, no solid food at all. Not to mention colemas twice a day. One of the girls currently staying there is on the Ultra Cleanse program for a full twenty-one days! Needless to say, that makes me value and enjoy my veggies and salads even more. Three days down, another four to go.

Check back on Monday for my latest weigh-in and to see how the rest of my detox goes. Also, check back during the next few weeks to find out about the exciting packages Phuket Fit and Atmanjai are working together to develop!

Aaron Rowland

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