Challenges: Masayuki Inoue Cooking Up Good Health

Masa 1

A thirty-year old chef from Denmark, Masa is spending seven months at Phuket Fit to lose weight, discover his fitness and drastically improve his health. Having worked as a chef for the past ten years, his past culinary jobs have included the prestige of the hotel industry and excitement of a wakeboarding cable-park. Early last year, he joined his friends in Bangkok for a wakeboarding holiday and fell in love with Thailand. His least favorite exercises are burpees and lunges, but he says that he’s starting to really enjoy jogging. This is his story.

How did you first hear about Phuket Fit?

I Googled “Muay Thai” on the internet and Phuket Fit was one of the places that came up. I decided to either train somewhere else in Chang Mai or at Phuket Fit in Phuket. I chose Phuket because my family wanted to go on vacation as well. It ended up being a great decision.

What motivated you to come?

Well, I wasn’t exactly a small boy when I arrived at camp, so weight loss was definitely one of the main goals. Also, I came to really just to change my life. I was tired of being so unhealthy and feeling bad all the time.

How long have you been here?

I arrived the 22nd of October and I’m here for seven months.

Masa 3

Have you set any goals for yourself to work toward while you’re training?

I set a goal of losing one KG every week. In my first two months here, I’ve lost 16 KGS. I started at 154.6 and now I’m down to 138.3. I don’t have a final weight goal in mind; I really want to just see how things go.

I hear you have something coming up that you’re excited about?

I’ve challenged a fellow guest at Phuket Fit to fight in the March BBQ Beatdown, so I’m really looking forward to that. I’m starting to train Western Boxing and Muay Thai now to start getting ready. I have only been doing fitness classes and yoga up to this point, but now I need to start learning Muay Thai technique.

Have any advice for someone who might be thinking about coming to Phuket Fit?

Jump into it. Just do it. Buy the ticket and get out here. The only other advice I would give is to do some prep work. I should have taken a month to build up my fitness, which would have been a good idea.

Has anything surprised you about Phuket Fit?

The people here are really awesome. I’m usually quite a social person, but when I came here, I closed up a bit. After a while I was able to open up. People are really friendly; high-fiving you during workouts, telling you what an awesome job your doing. It’s really cool. It doesn’t matter who you are, what size you are, anything like that… everyone is motivating you. It’s really awesome.

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Extreme 30 Day Transformation: Stefan Vs. Julie Results

 With A Staggering 95% Of The Vote


Congratulations To

Stefan Ramagge

Stefan Before And After

For Winning The

Extreme 30 Day Transformation


As A Prize To Reward His Success,

Stefon Has Been Awarded


A Phuket Fit Hoodie!!

Stefon Winner 


Congratulations To Both Competitors!


If you’ll be at Phuket Fit for at least a month and you would like to challenge someone to the transformation of a lifetime, e-mail and let me know. We can’t wait to see you around camp!


This weeks Wednesday night weigh-in and weight loss seminar has been moved to the following night

Thursday January 2nd

due to the camp closure on New Years Day.


Come get weighed in, measured and attend an exciting free seminar about the health benefits of juicing and juice detoxes!

As usual, come any time between 6-7 to be weighed in and measured.

Please arrive a few minutes prior to 7 for the weight loss lecture!

Extreme 30 Day Transformation: Stefan Vs. Julie Voting

Phuket Fit is proud to present our newest feature. Every month, two Phuket Fit guests will challenge each other to see who can achieve the most impressive fitness transformation in thirty days.

Well start each round by introducing our competitors and showing you their before photos. Then thirty days later, we will reveal their after shots and youll be able to see the fantastic changes theyve made.


That was 30 days ago.

Now, its up to you.

Big Mac 2

Help us decide a winner by voting for which guest has made the most impressive transformation by commenting on or on Phuket Fits Facebook page. Comment on either the blog or the Phuket Fit Facebook post saying either “Stefan” or “Julie” to register a vote. Only one vote allowed per person. Voting will be open throughout the entire week, and will close on Monday afternoon.

On Monday night, the votes will be tallied and the winner will walk away with some great Phuket Fit swag!

You ready to see their fantastic results? Here they are…


Competitor #1

 Stefan Before And After

Name: Stefan Ramagge

From: Gibraltar

Age: 23

Height: 168 cm

Starting Weight: 75.6 KG

Final Weight: 70.6 KG

Occupation: Professional Child


Competitor #2

 Julie Before And After

Name: Julie Kristensen

From: Denmark

Age: 20

Height: 180 cm

Final Weight: 100.5 KG

Occupation: None


Vote below for who had the most impressive transformation by commenting either “Stefan” or “Julie” to help decide the champion!

If youll be at Phuket Fit for at least a month and you would like to challenge someone to the transformation of a lifetime, e-mail and let me know. We cant wait to see you around camp!